Yachad's 2020 Campaign Evening

Keynote speaker: Former Mossad Director, Major General (ret.) Danny Yatom

Join us for a delicious selection of cocktails and a Middle Eastern-style buffet, followed by a fascinating talk by Former Mossad Director, Major General (ret.) Danny Yatom.

As a security expert with unparalleled experience in the field, Yatom will provide a unique perspective on the tough choices Israel faces in the years ahead as it balances the risks of a negotiated peace in order to secure its future. Major General (ret.) Danny Yatom is a decorated military figure with 33 years of service to the IDF. He has served as director for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (Mossad), and between 1993 and 2001, he was involved in key negotiations with Jordan, Syria and the Palestinians.

While in the IDF, Yatom served as commanding General of the Central Territorial Command, Military Secretary to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and engaged in numerous operations against terror—including as commando team leader in the Six-Day War and deputy commander of a tank battalion in the Yom Kippur War. Following his retirement from the IDF, Yatom was Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Ehud Barak. He is also a former Member of Knesset, where he represented the Israeli Labour party for more than five years.

Currently, he is the chief executive officer of Global Strategic Group and serves on the Steering Committee of the Commanders for Israel’s Security — a 280-member movement of retired generals advocating for steps towards a secure separation from the Palestinians as the basis for an eventual two-state solution. He holds a degree in mathematics, physics and computer science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Date: Sunday, 3 May, 2020

Time: 7pm

Location: Central London

Ticket price: £80 adult \ £40 young professional \ £30 student

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