Demand the Board of Deputies speaks out:

Sign the Letter

To the newly elected president of the Board of Deputies,

This past week we have witnessed unprecedented violence and racism in the holy city of Jerusalem, including at the holy Muslim site of Al-Aqsa.  Elected Israeli officials - those in positions of leadership in the Knesset and in Jerusalem - have gone out of their way to stoke and inflame racial tension and hatred.

Just a few days ago, the deputy mayor of Jerusalem stood next to Member of Knesset Itamar Ben Gvir in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah, where settlers are using discriminatory laws to try and evict Palestinians from their homes, and shouted at a Palestinian that he wished he had been shot in the head.

Far right nationalists have marched through the city harassing Palestinians and chanting “death to the Arabs”. Israel’s security establishment have warned the Israeli government that the nationalist March of the Flags through the Old City on Jerusalem Day should be cancelled because it is likely to inflame tensions further, yet so far, the Israeli government has not heeded this advice.  

Imagine if the tables were turned: if fundamentalist Palestinians in Jerusalem were trying to force Jews out of their homes and were harassing them in their neighbourhoods. Imagine the violation of the sanctity of Jewish religious spaces with violence, rubber bullets and stun grenades, whilst elected Palestinian officials stood on street corners in Jerusalem and told Jews they wish they had been shot in the head. Or if large angry mobs marched through the streets shouting “death to Israelis”. You would have no qualms about issuing a public statement of condemnation, which would be entirely justified.

But now, your silence is deafening.

If you never said anything about Israel, we would accept your silence. But you choose to constantly pass comment. You cannot blame others if they draw the conclusion that your failure to condemn this behaviour, means that you condone it.

We will not stand by whilst you claim to represent us yet have nothing to say about unchecked racism and incitement out of the mouths of Israeli officials. The Board of Deputies cannot credibly claim to be anti-racist as long as you refuse to condemn this racism on the streets of Jerusalem.

If you wish to maintain your credibility as a representative anti-racist Jewish organisation, the time to speak out is now.




List of signatories (this list will be updated every 24 hours):​

  A Sheldon
Mr A Feldman
  Aaron Franks
  Abi Enlander
  Abi Kashman
Ms Abi Stacey
Ms Abigail Morris
Miss Abigail Woodrow
Dr Adam Squires
Rabbi Adam Frankenberg
Mr Adam Rossano
Mr Adam Lawrence
  Adam Cohen
  Adam Ganz
  Adam Tuck
  Adi Sacker
Mr Adrian Rubenstein
  Adrian Stern
  Adrian Owen
  Adrian Gluckman
Mr Adrian Hayes
Dr Adrienne Baker
Professor Alan Ereira
  Alan Kummer
  Alasdair Paul
  Alasdair Silverman
  Alec Selwyn
Dr Alejandra Jolodosky
Mr Alex Davids
Miss Alex Bolot
Mr Alex Wright
Mr Alex Levy
  Alex Palumbo
Rabbi Alexandra Wright
Mrs Alexis Steadman
Mr. Alfredo Roldã¡N-Flores
Mr Ali Raza
Ms Alice Wilcock
  Alice Levin
  Alisa Goldstein
MS Alison Solnick
  Alison Abrahams
  Alison Scammell
Ms Amanda Rubin
  Amber Fink
Mrs Amber Silverman
  Amelia Osband
Ms Amelia Bookstein Kyazze
Mr Amer Husain
  Amie Coffman
  Amina Shaikh
Mr Amit Handelsman
  Amnon Swmith
Mr Amos Schonfield
Dr Amy Jebreel
Ms Amy Hodari
Ms Amy Goodman
  Amy Gibbor
  Amy Simmons
  Amy Druce
Mr Andrew Jacobs
  Andrew Colman
Mr Andrew Billington
Mrs Angela Labi
Mrs Angela Silver
  Angela Godfrey-Goldstein
Ms Angela Donnelly
Ms Anita Soley
MRS Ann David
Mrs Anna Dyson
Ms Anna Lerner
Mrs Anna Roiser
Ms Anna Giddings
Mrs Anne Clark
Ms Anne Sassoon
Mrs Anne Sadie
  Anne Carswell
  Anne Deighan
Ms Anne Cornish
  Annelise Michaelson
Ms Anne-Marie Manners
Ms Annie Levy
Mr Anthony Tricot
Dr Anthony Lynn
Dr Anthony Isaacs
Mr Anthony Melnikoff
Dr Anthony Berman
  Anthony Faithfull-Wright
Mr Anton Winston
  Anusha Razdan
  Anya Gerasimenko
Dr Arabella Duffield
Mr Ariel Moshe
Ms Ariel Simble
Mr Ariel Cohen
  Ariela Marks-Woldman
  Ariella Gould
Dr Arik Kershenbaum
Mr Arron Ferster
  Asher Friedman
Mr Asker Husain
Mrs Atota Winchester
Ms Audrey Droisen
Miss Audrey King Lassman
Mr Avi Bram
  Avi Grose
  Ayala Graham
Ms Ayla Estreich
  Ayla Salomon
Rabbi Dr Barbara Borts
Mrs Barbara Cohen
Ms Barbara Winston
Mrs Barbara Mayhew
Mr Barnaby Marder
Mr Barrie Levine
Mr Barrie Foster
Mr Barry Golten
mr Barry Spivack
Mr Barry Sharp
mr Barry Mordsley
  Barry Horowitz
Mr Barry Raymond Wolff
. Becky Penhey
Ms Becky Tuck
Mr Ben Curtis
Mr Ben Reiff
Mr Ben Combe
Mrs Benita Hide
Mr Benjamin Goldstone
  Bennett Golder
Mr Beren Aldridge
Mr Berl Goldbart
Dr Beruriah Wiegand
  Beth Martin
Mrs Bethea Clayton
Ms Bev Cohen
Ms Beverley Levy
Miss Blythe Mackintosh
Mr Braham Fredman
miss Brenda Barnard
Mr Brian Levy
Mr Brian Humphreys
  Brian Ratner
Mr Brian Joffin
Mr Byron Simmonds
  Carmel Smith
Mrs Caroline Salinger
  Carolyn Webber
  Carolyn Marcus
Ms Carolyn Treadwell
Miss Cassandra Weinstein
Miss Cassie Wigoder
  Catherine Jones
  Catherine Leech
Miss Catriona Goldhammer
  Cecylia Wormell
Ms Chanya Ambalu-Wedell
Mr Charles Blake
  Charlie Pendlebury
Mrs Charlotte Schwartz
Ms Cherry Wolfe
  Chloe Bearman
Ms Christine J Eccles
Mr Christopher Heale
  Christopher Ellis
Ms Claire Jackson
  Claire Sackman
  Claudia Collins
  Clifford Thurlow
Mr Clive Belman
Mr Clive Ward
Rabbi Colin Eimer
Mr Colin Heyman
Ms Corinne Gurvitz
Mr Craig Colwill
  Crispin Benjamin Terry-Pownall
  Dalia Gelfer
Mr Dan Rickman
Mr Dan Jacobs
Mr Dan Rosenberg
Mr Dan Jackson
  Dan Susman
Mr Dan Myers
Mr Dan Hyman
  Dana Mills
Ms Dani Labi
Mr Danie Pollick
Mr Daniel Bernstein Vulkan
Rabbi Daniel Lichman
Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick
Mr Daniel Easterman
Mr Daniel Morgenthau
Mr Daniel Ehrlich
Mr Daniel Grabinar
Mr Daniel Frosh
Mr Daniel Coulthard
Mr Daniel Mautner
  Daniel Hilton
  Daniel Cesarani
  Danielle Bett
  Daphnã© Romy
Mr David Labi
Mr David Hayes
Mr David Roth
Dr David Spalter
Mr David Wise
Mr David Lubin
Mr David Lee
mr David Leibowitz
Mr David Linsey
Mr David Chowcat
Mr David Adams
Dr David Zell
Mr David Middleburgh
mr David Goldberg
Mr David Green
Prof David Bilchitz
Mr David Gould
  David Buse
  David Neylan
Mr David Cannon
Dr David Briggs
Ms Dawn White
Ms Debbie Danon
Mrs Debbie Nissenbaum
Mrs Deborah Hofman
Mrs Deborah Friedman
  Deborah Davidson
Ms Debra Gold
  Debra Pearlman
Mrs Dee Eimer
  Deema Majaj
Cllr Dena Ryness
  Denise Hickman
mr Dennis Waxman
Mr Dennis Degroot
Dr Derek Gordon
Dr Devorah Baum
Mrs Devorah Roberts
Ms Diana Abramova
  Dilreen Basi
Ms Dina Leifer
Mrs Dina Rickman
  Donald Sassoon
Dr Donald Franklin
Ms Donna Nathan
Rabbi Douglas Charing
Mr Dovid Brown
  Duaa Adnan
  Ed Tyler
  Edan Daniel
Dr Eddie Powell
  Eden Noik
Mr Edmond Brooks-Beckman
Mr Edward Kafka
Ms Elaine Samuel
Ms Elana Gal-Edd
  Elana Katz
Mr Elie Chilton
Mrs Elisabeth Megitt
Ms Elizabeth Silman
Ms Elizabeth Harris
Ms Elizabeth Warrington
Ms Elizabeth Dudley
Miss Elizabeth Donnelly
Miss Ella Radley
Ms Ella Grodzinski
  Ella Balint-Kurti
Lady Ellen Dahrendorf
  Ellen Galford
Rabbi Elli Sarah
Ms Ellie Lawson
Miss Ellie Pogrund
Mr Elliot Levey
  Ellis Trisk-Grove
Dr Emily Weisfeld
Miss Emily Newman
  Emily Fobel
Ms Emma Taylor
Ms Emma Weleminsky
mrs Emma Gould
  Emma Livingston
  Emmy Chinnick
Ms Erica Levy
  Eris Nishku
Miss Esther Friend
  Esther Konzon
  Esther Craven 
  Esther Coren
Mr Ethan Silverstone
  Ethan Saunders
Mrs Eve Hahn
Miss Eve Jackson
Ms Eve Navias
  Eve Knox
  Eve White
ms Eveline Van Der Steen
  Evie Freeman
Mr Ezra Altman
Ms Fiona Starr
Ms Flora Spiegel
Mrs Fran Holmes
Ms Frances Rifkin
Ms Frances Hanlon
Mr Frank Lazarus
Ms Frankie Simons
  Freya Waites
  Gabby Edlin
Student Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber
Professor Gabriel Josipovici
Mr Gabriel Lester
Ms Gabriele Hauschild
Ms Gabriella Kountourides
Ms Galia Orme
  Galit Colombick
Ms Gavriella Morris
Miss Gemma Barnett
Miss Georgie Friend
  Georgina Labi
Mr Gershon Lipshen
  Ghazala Hussain
Mr Gideon Sassoon
  Gideon Farrell
Mr Gidon Cohen
Mrs Gill Polonsky
Professor Gill Livingston
Ms Gill Solnick
  Gill Cina
Mrs Gill Mccall
Ms Gillian Holding
Prof Gillian Raab
  Gillian Yudkin
Mr Gordon Smith
  Gordon Stringer
Mr Graham Modlen
Mr Graham Carpenter
mr Graham Mills
Mr Grahame Gross
  Greenberg Greenberg
Ms Gretel Baron
  Gur Samuel
Mr Guy Kornetzki
Mr Guy Pollack
Mr Guy Phillips
Mr Guy Swimer
  H Aziz
Mr Haman Harasha
Ms Hannah Bloom
Ms Hannah Weisfeld
Ms Hannah Haddad
Ms Hannah Wood
Miss Hannah Arnaud
Ms Hannah Swirsky
Ms Hannah Collins
Ms Hannah Gellman
Miss Hannah Gaventa
  Hannah Lubner
  Hannah Churchill
Ms Harriett Goldenberg
Mr Harrison Engler
Mr Harry Kelly
Ms Hayley Sims
Mrs Hazel Sado
  Helen Peason
  Helen Zane
  Helen Zacharopoulou
Ms Helen Kirsopp
  Helena Trenner
  Helena Ross
  Henri Joe Attan
Mr Henry Cohn
Mrs Hilary Jacobs
Ms Hilary Pierce
Mrs Holly Kal-Weiss
Dr Hyam Joffe
Mr Ian Simons
Mr Ian Nissenbaum
Mr Ian Morrison
MR Ian Forster
Mr Ian Venables
  Idris Kriker
Ms Ijv, Jfjp Jungman
  Ilan Scorah
Mrs Ilana Morris
  Ilana Cantor
Ms Ildi Clarke
Ms Indianna Farrell
Mr Irving Goldin
Dr Isaac Marks
Ms Isabel Schmidt
  Isabel Kempner
Miss Isabel Dunsmore
  Isabella Astuto
  Ivan Scarboro
Mr Jack Kushner
Mrs Jackie Alexander
Ms Jackie Elliman
Ms Jacky Humphreys
Mr Jacob Smith
  Jacob Summerfield
  Jacob Siminovitch
  Jacob Zucker
Rabbi Jacqueline Tabick
Ms Jacqueline Nicholls
  Jacqui Mayes
Miss Jacqui Mc Ginley
Mr Jake Spitz
Ms Jamie Ingall
Mr Jamie Hynds
Ms Jan Costa
Professor Jane Ginsborg
Ms Jane Swaden
Ms Jane Lawrence
Dr Jane Appel
Ms Jane Drapkin
Rabbi Janet Darley
Ms Janet Kentridge
  Janet Benjamin
Mr Jason Evers Herbert
Ms Jean Reynard
  Jeanne Rathbone
Ms Jeannie Le Mesurier
Mr Jeffrey Graham
  Jemma Jacobs
Ms Jennifer Bell
Ms Jenny Friend
Mrs Jenny Garber
  Jenny Walton
Mr Jeremy Hart
  Jeremy Isaacs
  Jeremy Adams
Mr Jeremy Rosenberg
  Jess Riley
  Jess Zaydner
Mrs Jessica Nyman
Mrs Jessica Falk Perlman
Ms Jessica Baker
Miss Jessica Mindel
  Jessye Berkowitz-Werner
  Jo Ramsay
Ms Jo Hall
Mrs Joanna Sadie
Professor Joanna Benjamin
  Joanna Johnson
Ms Jodi Myers
Mr Joe Shotton
Miss Joelle Chess
Professor John Strawson
Mr John Dower
Mr John Dunn
Mr John Byng
Mr John O'Donoghue
Mr Jon Rawson
Mr Jon Lansman
Dr Jon Simons
  Jon Friend
Prof Jonathan Roiser
Mr Jonathan Black
Mr Jonathan Fenster
Mr Jonathon Leader
  Jorge Nicolau
Mr Joseph Ellison
Prof Joseph Pearlman
  Joseph Inga
Mrs Josephine Levy
Mrs Josephine Petersson
Mr Josh Moritz
  Josh Cass
  Josh Brown
Mr Joshua Voulters
Mr Joshua Gaventa
Mr Joshua Freedman
  Joshua Loeb
  Josie Wales
Mr Juan Martes
Mrs Jude Williams
Dr Judith Offman
Ms Judith Ish-Horowicz
Dr Judith Bara
Mrs Judith Elkan
Mrs Judith Brown
Miss Judith Fantozzi
Miss Judith Solomons
ms Judith Emanuel
Mrs Judy Smith
Mrs Judy Moss
Ms Judy Woolfe
  Judy Dembo
Mrs Julia Marcuson
  Julia Hicks
Mr Julian Rowland
Dr Julian Fasler
Mr Julian Brown
Mr Julian Berg
Mr Justin Crewe
Mrs Karen Abrams
Ms Karen Levy
Ms Karen Benjamin
  Karsten Walter
Miss Kate Lee
Mrs Kate Grand
Ms Kate Ereira
  Kate Greenberg
  Katharine Stidston
Ms Kathleen Mccreery
Ms Kathryn Raymond
  Kathy Phillips
Ms Katie Felstein
Mrs Katie Graham
  Katie Rumanovsky
Dr Katy Jackson
Miss Kayleigh Lee-Simion
  Kelly Palmer
Mr Kenneth Turner
  Kerry-Anne Dickens
  Kevan Broom
Mr Kevin Johnson
Ms Kezia Niman
  Khadeem Marshall
  Kieron Forsyth
  Kim Walker
Mrs Kitty Brod
  Kobi Waterman
  Lanny Silverstone
Dr Lara Marks
Ms Lara Rosenthal
Miss Lara Tobias-Tarsh
Mr Larry Sanders
Mr Larry Shulman
Ms. Laura Menachemson
Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
  Laura Pearl
  Laura Hyman
  Laura Preston
Ms Lauren Blum
  Laurence Pearl Frs
Mr Laurie Rosenberg
Mr Laurie Coppersmith
Miss Lea Filip
  Leah Churchill
  Leah Goldkorn
  Lee Warner
Ms Lee Robinson
Mr Leo Wax
  Leo Kaneman
Prof Leon Lagnado
Mr Leon Duveen
Mr Leonard Weinreich
Mrs Leonie Aigin
Dr Leonie Fleischmann
Ms Leora Kent
  Leora Raymond
Dr Les Garner
Ms Lesley Levane
Ms Lesley Urbach
  Lesley Bryan
Student Rabbi Lev Taylor
Ms Lia Joffe
  Liberty Hodes
Miss Lili Balkin
Ms Lilly Cheslaw
Ms Lily Ross
Ms Linda Green
Dr. Linda Gruson
  Linda De Lange
Ms Linda Black
Mrs Linda Bora
Dr Lindsay Banham
Dr Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz
Professor Liora Lazarus
Ms Lisa Neidich
  Lisa Barcan
Ms Liz Cross
  Liz Mccann
Ms Liz Milne
  Lottie Simmonds
Mr. Louis Engel
Ms Louise Fox
  Louise Garfield
  Lucas Hardman
Ms Lucy Cohen
  Lucy Martin
Ms Luisa Attfield
Mr Luke Dawson
Ms Lynda Cook
Mrs Lynn Levy
  Lynn Morris
Mrs Lys Lipshen
Ms Maayan Cohen
  Maddy Clifford
Ms Maggie Foyer
Mrs Maggie Bergman
  Maor Yavetz
Professor Marc Saperstein
Mr Marc Livingston
Mr Marc Frank
Mr Marcus Gottlieb
Mrs Margot Coleman
Mrs Marguerite Wright
Ms Marie Weatherall
Mrs Marie-France Rowland
  Marilyn Macaluso
Mrs Marion Gettleson
Ms Marion Mcpherson
Mr Mark Goldberg
Dr Mark Godfrey
Mr Mark Levy
Mr Mark Sheinfield
Mr Mark Strong
Mr Marko Weinberger
Mrs Marlã¨Ne Bensimon
Mrs Marlena Schmool
Miss Martha Slater
Mr Martin Hofman
Mr Martin Saville
Mr Martin Vegoda
Mr Martin Read
Mr Martin Brown
Mr Martin Brophy
Mr Martyn Meacham
Prof Mary Davis
Ms Mary Saunders (Nee Dauman)
Ms Mary Loo Scott
Mr Matan Rosenstrauch
  Matilda Fenwick
Mr Matt Scott
Mr Matthew Reizenstein
Mr Maurice Naftalin
Dr Max Kammerling
Mr Max Rosehill
  Max Munday
Ms Maxine Klein
Ms Maya Jaffe
Ms Maya Brown
Ms Maya Ilany
Miss Maya Benson
  Maya Reggev
  Maya Mukamel
  Meirav Sasson
  Melanie Crisfield
Ms Melanie Beaumont
Ms Mia Bogod
Mr Micah Smith
Mr Michael Hahn
Mr Michael Zimmerman
Mr Michael Brod
Mr Michael Lazarus
mr Michael Bealing
Dr Michael Shapiro
Dr Michael Jacobs
Mr Michael Charvonia
  Michael Mahgerefteh
  Michael Baum
  Michel Barrett Denonain
Ms Michele Benn
  Michele Aminoff-Moon
miss Michelle Shnyder
Mr Mike Gettleson
Mr Mike Howard
Mr Miles Webber
  Millie Blankstone
  Millie Spencer
Ms Mimi Watts
Mrs Miranda Pinch
Ms Miri Felix
Dr Miriam Green
Mrs. Miriam Vickers
Mrs Miriam Chachamu
Mrs Miriam Jackson
  Miriam White
Mr Misha Wolf
Miss Misha Vides
Mr Mitchell Griver
Mrs Monica Pulvernis
Mr Mordechai Chachamu
Mr Mr G Chisholm
  Ms Sarah Pinch
Ms Myriam Loda
Mrs Myrna Lazarus
  Naaheed Mukadam
  Nadine Batchelor-Hunt
Ms Naomi Russell
Miss Naomi Wang
Ms Naomi Landau
Mrs Naomi Shragai
Miss Naomi Magnus
Ms Naomi Wayne
Ms Naomi Ocean
  Naomi Creeger
  Naomi Rowe
  Nat Kunin
​​ Natalie Shapiro
  Natasha Fuller
  Natasha Hyman
  Natasha Shaw
Ms Natasha Zoltie
  Nathan Taylor
Mr. Neil Weisfeld
Mr Neil Franklin
Cllr Neil Nerva
Mr Neil Benson
Ms Ng Wilson
Mr Nick Sigler
  Nick Hodgkinson
Ms Nicola Glucksmann
Ms Nicola Lichtenstein
  Nicold Greene
Ms Nicole Weisz
Miss Nicole Cohen
Ms Nina Morris-Evans
Ms Noa Gendler
  Noa Filosof
Mr Noah Bickler
Mr Noah Libson
  Noah Katz
Mr Noam Solomons-Wise
  Noemi Kolodna
Mr Norm Guthartz
Mr Ol Rappaport
  Olaf Stando
  Olivia Mizrachi
Ms Ondine Sherwood
  Ortal S Wolfson
Mr Oskar Avery
  Osnat Lippa
Ms P Gill
Miss Pamela Mayorcas
Mrs Pamela Davis
Ms Patricia Scott
Ms Patricia Levene
Ms Patsy Cunningham
Mr Paul Morrison
Dr Paul Barnett
mr Paul Waldmann
  Paul Bragman
Ms Paula Erol
Ms Pauline Levis
Ms Pauline Allen
  Pauline Frankenberg
Ms Pauline Moriarty
Ms Pennina Barnett
Mrs Penny Kay
Ms Penny Dembo
Dr Peter Sheridan
Prof Peter Crome
Mr. Peter Cohen
Dr Peter Kalve Frsa
MR Phil Geller
Mr Philip Brodie
Mr. Philip Bergman
Mr Philip Goldenberg
Mr Philip Weaver
  Philipa Bragman
Mrs Philomena Hearn
  Phoebe Green
Ms. Pia Feig
  R Lewis
Ms Rachel Godfrey
Ms Rachel Winston
Miss Rachel Vogler
Ms Rachel Rose
Ms Rachel Guthartz
Ms Rachel Dowds
  Rachel Adema
  Rachel-Leah Stock
Mr Rami Budeiri
Mr Raphael Langham
Mr Ray Barkley
Dr Raymond Brown
  Rebecca Bealing
Ms Rebecca Klug
Mx Rebecca Metzer
Ms Rebecca Banbury Morgan
  Rebecca Lawson
  Rebecca Swirsky
  Rebecca Frankenberg
Mrs Rebecca Rock
  Rebekah Quixano Henriques
  Regina Cortez
Mrs Regine Lemberger
Mrs Revital Dagan-Walters
Ms Rhiannon Humphreys
Mr Rhys Simons
Mr Ric Cantor
Mr Richard Phillips
Dr Richard Schwartz
Dr Richard Friend
  Richard Solomons
Mr Richard J Phillips
Ms Rivka Gottlieb
Mr Rob Foster
Mr Robbie Erbmann
Mr Robert Symonds
Professor Robert Reiner
Mr Robert Cohen
Mr Robin Carmichael
Mr Robin Samson
Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen
Mr Roger Watson
Mr Roland Perrin
Mr Ron Finlay
Mr Ronnie Landau
  Rosa Boyd
  Rosa Picard
Miss Rosa Darby
Ms Rosalind Clayton
Ms Rosalind Ereira
Ms Rosalind Ashley
Miss Rosalyn Frances
  Rosanne Posner
Ms Rosemarie Lawy
Mrs Roslyn Rawson
Mrs Roslyn Jones
  Ross Waterman
Ms Roxana Jebreel
Mr Roy Levy
Ms Rozelle Bentheim
Mr Ruben Persey
  Rum Samuel
Mr Russell Caplan
Ms Ruth Nyman
Mrs. Ruth Lewis
Ms Ruth Jampel
Dr Ruth Segal
Ms Ruth Friedlaender
Ms Ruth Bender Atik
Mrs Ruth Dolby
Ms Ruth Swirsky
Ms Ruth Rosenthal
Ms Ruth Keller
Mrs Ruth Cohen-Rose
Ms Ruth Hilton
Mr Ruth Geall
Miss Ruth Launer
mrs Ruth Abraham
  Ruth Barnett
Mrs Ruth Dwight
  Sadie Gellman
Mrs Sally Davies
Cllr Sam Pallis
Dr Sam Rodin
Mr Sam Baker
  Sam Gold
  Sam Brady
Ms Sam Marine
  Samantha Manning
Mr Samir Dimachkie
  Samira Harhouf
Mr Samuel Greene
Mrs Sandra Fayle
  Sandy Paul
Mrs Sara Pollins
Ms Sara Emanuel
Ms Sara Moon
Mrs Sarah Harris
MRS Sarah Rose
Ms Sarah Walton
Ms Sarah Nathanson
Ms Sarah Perman
Miss Sarah Sheppard
ms Sarah Miller
Ms Sarah Sackman
Ms Sarah Cotton
Miss Sarah Ehrlich
  Sarah Slotover
  Sarah Kogan
  Sarah Shanson
Ms Sarah Blanc
Ms Sasha Millee
Sasha Sasha Gordon
Mr Sef Townsend
Mr Seth Weisz
mx Seth Levy
  Sheba Khan
  Shehroze Khan
Mrs Sheila Freedman
Ms Shelagh Hewitt
Mrs Shirley Baum
Mrs Shoshana Foster
Mrs Shula Wilson
Prof Shula Marks
Mrs Sifa Stanley
Mr Simon Myerson
Mr Simon Morris
Mr Simon Sadie
Mr Simon Sackman
Mr Simon Lovick
Mr Simon Gallant
Dr Simon Noah Etkind
  Sinaed Mcconnell
Ms Sivan Greene
  Sofia Ashraf
  Sonia Long
  Sonja Belkin
  Sonny Connor-Bell
  Sophia Ziff
Miss Sophie Ralston
  Sophie Naftalin
  Sophie Gottlieb
  Sophie Filar
  Sophie Bellamy
Miss Sophie Spence
  Stanley Silverman
Mr Stanley & Nina Sebba
Professor Stephan Feuchtwang
  Stephanie Lever
MS Stephanie Harrison
Mr Stephen Mendel
Dr Stephen Lewis
Dr Stephen Pogany
Mr Stephen Keevash
Mr Steve Abbott
Mr Steven Fobel
Mr Steven Todd
Mr Stuart Sweeney
Ms Sue Fyvel
Mrs Sue Phillips
Ms Sue Rubenstein
Mrs Sue Smith
Ms Sue Bard
  Sughra Begum
  Suheyla Guney
Mrs Susan Berger
Ms Susan Saffer
Mrs Susan Dossa
Mrs Susan Raymond
Ms Susan Malpass
  Susan Yavetz
Mrs Susan Mcgavin
  Susannah Salle
Dr Susie Jacobs
Ms Suzy Jaffe
Ms Suzy Rosenthal
Ms Swadeka Ahsun
Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild
Mrs Sylvia Taylor
Mrs Sylvia Choudry
  Talia Spitz
  Talia Chain
Ms Talya Baker
Ms Tamar Wang
Mrs Tamar Schonfield
Ms Tamara Gleason Freidberg
Ms Tanya Barth
  Tara Shoham
Ms Tarryn Klotnick
  Tayla Barnett
Miss Tegan Massey
Mr Terry Bloom
Ms Tessa Milligan
  Theo Scheiner
Mr Theodore Weisz
  Theresa Truelove
Mr Thomas Stratton
Mr Thomas Cohen
  Timoth Hyman
Ms Tina Raphael
  Tirza Ella Lauren Wolfson-West
Mr Toby Kunin
  Tom Wyatt
Mr Tomer Raphael
Mr Tommer Spence
Mr Tony Berkman
  Torin Menzies
  Tracey Stern
  Tracy Jordan
mr Trevor Meakin
  Trisha Oakley Kessler
Mrs Valerie Lawrence
Ms Vicky Joseph
Ms Vicky Fobel
  Vicky Levy
Mrs Vicky Jones
  Victoria Mattison
Mrs Vivienne Mountain
Mr Will Cohen
Mr William Lyons
Mr William Galinsky
Ms Wisty Thomas
  Y A
  Yalda Gafore
  Yalem Turham
  Yaron Parasol
  Yasmine Lucas
Mr Yochanan Cohen
  Yonatan Wade
Mr Yoni Ehrlich
Ms Ysabella Hawkings
Mr Zac Harris
  Zo Jacobi
Ms Zoe Zero